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Service is what we offer ourselves for. And service is what the people are entitled to expect from us. The role of SERVICOM is to ensure customer’s satisfaction and provision of value added service.
















SERVICOM is an acronym derived from two words – service and compact. The combination of the words denotes service compact. Therefore  SERVICOM was established to ensure improved service delivery in all Federal Government Parastatals and Institution.

All stakeholders of the University of Lagos. This includes teaching and non-teaching staff, students, parents, and contractors.

Through complaint boxes located at strategic places on campus and through physical presence at the QA&S office located at the old senate building opposite Ade Ajayi Main Auditorium. 

It directs genuine complaints to concerned individuals (in cases of personal differences), Units and Departments, and follows up to ensure that the complaints are attended to timely.

A resolution of the complain within available resources and acceptable norm.

Improved and efficient service delivery.

The overall objective of the Quality Assurance of the Unit is to continuously promote and improve on the quality of the core activities of the University as a whole.

Any member of staff of the Quality Assurance & SERVICOM Unit can be contacted at the First floor, Old Senate Building, Opposite J.F. Ade Ajayi Auditorium entrance, by University Cash Office – University of Lagos. Complaints can also be made to any Quality Assurance Committee Member in any Faculty or Unit or it can be sent through email address to: Or through phone call or text message to the following phone numbers +2349038011185, +2348158888000

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