Quality Assurance Unit|Sunday, February 26, 2017
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  1. To have a quality assurance policy in place concerning quality and quantity of students admitted. That is, maintenance of carrying capacity of the institution across all levels.

2. To set up machinery that will enhance recruitment of right caliber of staff.

3. Will be responsible for setting up policies that will enhance Quality in Teaching, Research and effective Service delivery.

4. To regularly demand for accountability system from every Unit of the University

5. Designs, establishes and maintains a QA programme in all Departments, and Units

6. Drives the implementation of SERVICOM principles at all levels of service windows across the University

7. Evaluation of performance of lectures as relates to courses taught and indeed all staff.

8. Production, monitoring of the performance and review of the University’s service delivery charters.

9. Instituting a complaints procedure, including, grievance redress mechanism, including providing opportunities for feedback on services.

10. Liaison between the University and SERVICOM National Office through the National Universities Commission (NUC). E-mail Address: dquality@unilag.edu.ng