Quality Assurance Unit|Sunday, February 26, 2017
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How we do our work

Monitoring and assessing teaching, research and service quality. We engage in periodic review of programmes to meet required national and international standards. Develop key performance indicators for assessing the quality and services output of Faculties, Departments and Units. Responsible for monitoring examination output, result processing and prompt processing of transcripts and certificates. To play key Full Article

What we are

The main purpose of the unit is to create in every staff and student a high level of commitment to vision, mission, values, core functions and the standards that ...Full Article

Who we are

The Unit was created to ensure that the University’s Administration is committed to effective and efficient service delivery and primarily to actualize Quality System in the University of Lagos.Full Article

Why we are here

To have a quality assurance policy in place concerning quality and quantity of students admitted. That is, maintenance of carrying capacity of the institution across all levels.Full Article